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Thread: Gallery Updates

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    Mar 2005
    Tokyo, Japan

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    Trickpatrick Guest

    Default First Pic Post

    Been wanting to post but keep rebuilding car over and over.
    Anyway here is my pre Pitbull car.

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    fanke19 Guest


    I updated my gallery a while back but forgot to place a reminder here...


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    Trickpatrick Guest

    Default Pitbull rebuild

    Some in process pics

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    Trickpatrick Guest

    Default Track pics for your enjoyment

    I was going to post some Half8s racing but I was in the race's and never got any shots but anyway here is the track I race at. About 20 to 30 racers a Sat. night right now.

    The pro mod class is primarly BL Half 8's

    Very good times here.

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    maxxenitout Guest

    Default Back again...

    Been awhile since I've been around but now that I'm back I will be updating all my pics. But for now all I have is this one.

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    joeling Guest

    Default H8ST progress pics


    Just like to inform all my fellow h8 enthusiasts that my h8ST is undergoing major face lift. Still WIP though.


    Joe Ling

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    Kyle Guest

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    Migs Guest

    Thumbs up KM-RC MIST conversion....

    Just posted up some new pics in my gallery of my KM-RC conversion. I had a buggy that I converted to an ST when I switched to the KM-RC chassis. I think it came out pretty nice....

    You can click on the link in my signature below to view my gallery

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    Migs Guest

    Thumbs up More Pics Added...!!!

    Hey guys.... I just got done uploading 25 NEW pics to my gallery. 2 new custom painted bodies that I got in today, more chassis pics as well. I had noticed a lot of people viewing the chassis pics that I had already posted so I thought I'd take some more close-ups and different angles. I'm open to comments, questions, and suggestions...


    You can click on the link in my signature to go directly to my gallery.

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