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Thread: Gallery Updates

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    Default Gallery Updates

    ...Please post here when you update your gallery...Get us a link too if you can...There are LOTS of pictures in the gallery that are going unnoticed so lets try and stay on top of them

    ...Also try and set it up so that there is a link to YOUR gallery in your signature...

    IMPORTANT!! Dont forget that you can link directly to your shots IN your gallery...Bring up the picture, right click on 'properties' and then copy and paste the picture's URL in IMG brackets...

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    Inferno454 Guest

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    frostyGT Guest

    Default OK...Here's mine!

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    BLACKHAWK444 Guest


    Nice frostyGT!

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    MGTfix Guest


    I finally got my Graphite chassis working and took some photos for all to see, it is a very stiff (1/8th inch) and the chassis braces are no longer needed, so far so good.LMK what you think.


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    frostyGT Guest


    MGT...Your buggy looks really nice! Good job!

    I added some updated pics to my gallery. Check it out!
    Gallery Updated

    lmk what you think...


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    MGTfix Guest


    Frosty, your H8 looks to clean got to get it out and run it in the dirt, I like your setup have you run it yet? I am wondering how it will handle with the battery weight so high on the upper plate, you might get alot of chassis roll. Looks like you have a nice milling machine for cutting CF.

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    frostyGT Guest


    Thanks, MGT! No milling machine. I bought the chassis and I cut the 2 upper decks with a dremel.

    Haven't run it yet because I still need a rear diff. LHS is sold out and I haven't gotten around to ordering one yet. I have 2 new RC18Ts that have been taking up my time.

    I'm not worried about the weight. That is a lipo pack, so it weighs almost nothing. Def. less then the stock electronics that usually go there.

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    rdarsa Guest

    Default Heavily overspecced Mini Inferno


    You gotta love what you can do with these things - and all those bits are sooo cheep from Hong Kong!!!

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    Hawk Guest


    Photos added of Eclipse chassis first build up.

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