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Thread: A Mini Inferno Story.

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    Hammer Guest

    Talking A Mini Inferno Story.

    Iíve been learning the capabilities of my Mini Inferno in front of my house. This is an area between the house and the road where there are trees so it Ďs not really visible from the road. The driveway is concrete and provides a good hard surface and there is some garden and planted landscape area which provides an excellent off road surface for practice. The driveway has a pretty good slope up to the road so there are a lot of elevation changes which makes it great for the Mini Inferno. There is one other thing which makes it even better. There is a large deck on the second floor of the house that overlooks this area creating the ďultimate drivers standĒ. I can turn the radio on, leave it on the deck, go downstairs and turn on the Mini Inferno then itís back up to the deck for some fun.

    Itís very cool because I can run all the way up and onto road then back down to the house with very good visibility. This is really great because of the variety of terrain available and itís all visible from one location.

    Well, yesterday about five in the afternoon I was set to make another run. I turned the car on down below and I had just grabbed the radio up on the deck when I heard a loud crash and a thud coming from the rear of the property. I immediately went through the house toward the back, turning off and setting down the radio on my way out. My neighbor had been working on a ladder at the back end of his property and fell. Needless to say I was distracted for quite a while and by the time I got back to the house Iíd totally forgotten about the Mini Inferno out front. I went out the front door and briefly looked around, as usual, before locking up for the night. Nothing unusual caught my eye.

    I the middle of the night I woke up hearing what I thought was the sound of someone stacking lumber at a nearby construction site. It was very faint and sporadic. Iíd here the sound two, three or four times in a row, then it would stop and Iíd drift off to sleep. This happened again and again, all night long. Finally when I was up at about 5:30 am I heard the sound again. I went out the front door walked over to the driveway and looked down toward the garage. There, at the bottom of the driveway, was the Mini Inferno facing the garage door. After a few seconds it twitched, jumped forward and bumped into the garage door creating the sound Iíd been hearing since 2 am. This was quite a distance from where I now remember leaving it the evening before. So my Mini Inferno was out in front of the house for about 12 hours from 5:30 pm to 5:30 am, and it took until about 2:00 am for it to make its way down the driveway to hit the garage door and wake me up. I just didnít know what it was at the time.

    Iím just glad it didnít head up to the road and get run over.

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    Bad Company Guest


    That's a great story Hammer, I needed that. I thought you were gonna say it had run out in the road. Glad to hear all is well though. It didn't damage anything did it?

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    Magnum P.I. Guest


    Thats one smart buggy. I think it was telling you to come bring it inside.

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    Sideshow Guest


    LOL I find it funny how it would do it and stop..Haha it musta been taking a break.

    good to hear all is still intact.

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    Hammer Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Bad Company
    It didn't damage anything did it?
    No, I had a chance to test it out last night and everything is ok! Magnum, if it wanted in the house why didn't it just ring the doorbell? lol

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    Magnum P.I. Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Hammer
    Magnum, if it wanted in the house why didn't it just ring the doorbell? lol
    Youve stumped me there hammer

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    Hammer Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Magnum P.I.
    Youve stumped me there hammer
    Just my strange sense of humor, sorry for any confusion.

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    Magnum P.I. Guest


    No confusion here. I know you were just joking around

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    holy_inferno Guest


    Your lucky that your Mini Inferno didn't get stolen being left out there for 12 hours...You must live in a nice, peaceful neighborhood
    ...Wonder why an RC moves on its own when it's on but when the transmitter isn't?

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    ...Ghost in the Machine...

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