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Thread: Kyosho Dealers

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasquatch
    What are the current on-line stores that carries Kyosho? I know this site does and same with RCMart. I like these sites because it helps me look at parts and make up a fake order to see the total of the stuff that I need, plus it helps me search parts more easily. Now that towerhobbies doesn't carry Kyosho, and RCmarts slection is kind of small, I don't really have a way of figuring out prices.
    Sasquatch, from what I understand there are only 3 online Kyosho dealers right now, us being one of them. If you need something that you don't see listed, email shop@ and we'll hook you up! Btw, ordering from RCMart or other overseas vendors means absolutely no warranty.

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    Yea, it's just I like playing with them, making orders of random R/C's that I dream about owning and stuff. Too much of hassle to e-mail shops to not make an order unless I am making one.

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