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Thread: would my speedcontrol handel all 8 cells?

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    wowo3180 Guest

    Default would my speedcontrol handel all 8 cells?

    I have this speed control :
    my question is are all my 8 cells are being used for the half 8 or I am just using 6 out of the 8 cells. cause the
    Operating power supply is Ni-Cd / Ni-MH 6 cells (7.2V)
    but the Maximum current is Up to a maximum current of Ni-Cd / Ni-MH cells. what does this mean?
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    akura2 Guest


    according to the specs.... you are only supposed to use 7.2v... but if you are using Hi-current batteries.. (like GP1100s... vs, KANs) then the ESC will allow the higher current to pass through giving more punch

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    daynamleo Guest


    sound good to me

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