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Thread: Drivetrain build

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    mocky Guest

    Default Drivetrain build

    Hey all, I just recently got a half8 not knowing there was so much to fix with the drivetrain. I've done a little bit of sifting through the older threads for advice but what are the latest recommendations for the half8 in 2008/2009?

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    legacy_gt Guest


    latest advice?
    buy the mini kmrc conversion (replace center diff w/clutch) and then get the atomic II front and rear diffs
    buy the kmrc here:

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    Wolle Guest

    Default Mini Inferno 09


    Do you know if these upgrades fit the 09 as well?


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    bcuzau Guest


    09? if it's not the nitro H8, the electric H8 buggy is the same since first released.

    it depends on what your planning to run with your set-up.. if you're going brushless, kmrc conversion is the way to go.

    i run 7cell nimh packs. and the stock set-up with the ST diffs never gave me a problem.

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