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Thread: Mini Inferno St Esc and Receiver HELP

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    thedamage Guest

    Default Mini Inferno St Esc and Receiver HELP


    I'm bit a newbie here and need your help.

    My steering servo seemed to have jammed so I tried to check it by pulling out the cord from the stock esc receiver unit and putting it back in again. There was some smoke from the esc unit and now the motor doesn't work either.

    After some research I bought a hitec HS65mg servo thinking it was the servo that doesn't work. However this comes with only three leads coming out of it whereas the stock version has 4! I tried to put this servo in the receiver/ESC unit and still nothing works.

    Very frustrating.

    Could you help me by speculating what the problem is?
    If I need to buy a new part?
    Which part or parts should it be?
    I'm using stock everything at the moment, so what would be 'upgrades' for what I need?
    Could I still use my receiver with the same crystal?
    Which esc/receiver would suit the new Hitec HS 65MG servo that I bought?

    Sorry for all the silly questions. Just want to get the bloody thing working again.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    Beidle99 Guest


    I am in the process of upgrading my ST, but I have been involved in rc for a long time. It sounds like your stock gear is trashed as once you see smoke they are pretty much shot.

    To go with seperates you will need servo (which you have) a receiver and speed control. Sounds like you don't have a radio at this point and seeing as the stock radio is very basic but would still work. I would recommend getting a better radio. You would need a 27mhz receiver and a new esc if using the stock radio. if you were going to get a new speed control, look at the Castle creations micro pro it can run both brushless and brushed motors. If I were you I would stick with brushed motors as going brushless can get very expensive due to having to upgrade the drive train.

    If you are interested in keeping with the stock set up, I will be getting ride of mine (servo, radio, esc/rx combo and battery tray) very soon and we can make a deal if you want.

    Good luck

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    thedamage Guest


    Thanks for replying to this thread. To upgrade would I need to buy a seprate esc and receiver? What ones would be good? I usually buy from Ebay but have no idea what is good. Will this servo that I bought (Hitec HS65MG work?). Out of interest how much would you want for your receiver and esc unit together with the servo?

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    Beidle99 Guest


    As for the receiver and esc, I always buy what my budget allows. with the receiver buy something that will work with your existing equipment (if you have any) and as for esc I would recommend the Castle creations micro pro, as its a better esc then the mamba or sidewinder lines and can run both brushless and brushed motors.

    I would be willing to let the components go from mine for $30 shipped, the only thing I did to mine was change the plug, but I can solder the original back on for you before I ship.

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    thedamage Guest


    This means that I should buy a seprate esc and receiver. How do I know that they would fit?

    Is this what you're recommending?

    Could you give me an idea of what receiver I should buy? How would I know it fits my system? I would still like to use as many stock parts as possible though so the Radio I would keep.

    Finally, is there a place where I could find out all these kinds of answers without bothering you on the board? I feel quite awkward asking you these silly questions!

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    Beidle99 Guest


    That is what I just ordered on Saturday along with a new servo (I have an old radio I am going to use from my racing days) As for your receiver you want to look for a small 27 mhz receiver on AM band. I am not sure but I think all 27mhz receivers are compatible, but I might be wrong. Best bet might be to ask on a more active board like www.RCuniverse.com Do you have a local hobby shop that will let you try out a few receivers to make sure what you buy is compatible?
    Be prepared with the castle creations speed control, you will have to solder a connector on and if you go brushless motor you'll need to get better drive train parts ie. diffs (front, center, rear) slipper, pinion gears. The brushless motors have a ton more torque and power. but like I said before, the micro pro esc will run brushed motors too.

    No problems asking questions on a board, its what there here for.

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    thedamage Guest


    Hi Again,

    Just to make sure:

    Which will have the socket for my servo? Is it the receiver or the speed controller?

    Exactly how do the esc and the receiver fit together?

    Why is it better to buy a seperate esc and recevier?

    Finally, is 30 ok for sending your extra receiver and servo unit to Finland? I wasn't sure where you live but I'm thinking the US.

    Can you believe that I used to own a Tamiya Bigwig 4WD? It was some years ago though!

    Thanks for you help again.

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    Beidle99 Guest


    The receiver will except the plug for the speed control and one for the servo, it receives the signals and tells the servo and speed control what to do. The speed control and receiver don't "fit" together they are just linked with a cord. You then mount them on the chassis.
    I would send you my electronics but the brake and reverse function went on mine tonight when I was playing around in the garage. Sorry

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