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Thread: LRP Fusion Modified Micro

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    AceCobra1 Guest

    Default LRP Fusion Modified Micro

    Well, I search some motors upgrades on rc mart and it came up with this motor. Anyway, I got it the other day and to my disappointment, it does not fit. For starters, the screws were bit short - but after some adjustments, they fit ok. Another thing is the cog or whatever it is called is too short! I can't fit the mini inferno's gear onto it. Any ideas if there is a way to get round this or is there a direct replacement motor which you guys can recommend ?

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    legacy_gt Guest


    go brushless. i race competitively twice a month and use this combo. it's the best bang for buck i've researched.

    http://www.hobbycity.com/hobbycity/s...idProduct=4196 (motor)
    http://www.dynamiterc.com/Products/D...ProdID=DYN4930 (esc)

    the motor will use your mi pinions. you'll have to upgrade your tranny though.

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    ezveedub Guest


    Next month there should be an AMR Speed 09 engine coming out. I review it on the Charge RC site in Japan. Should be good, but lets see if it actually comes out.

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    zhowelee Guest


    hi there! i am new here just got my mini inferno two weeks ago..now thinking of upgrading the motor..the LRP mentioned here is in my list..however brushless would be better right? thanks Legacy_gt for your link, i just got few queation to ask if you don mind, must i use a different ESC for brushless motor? and if yes does it mean that i need to get a new receiver and new radio? (since the ESC and Receiver are build in together for mini inferno).. Thanks a lot!

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    legacy_gt Guest

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