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Thread: Atomic CS Central Ball Diff fix...

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    Jeff Guest

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    for anyone out there who is having an issue with this diff, specifically the diff seeming to have a tight spot when it spins, heres the fix. i just assumed the plastic gear was either just a hair too big, or possibly not perfectly round causing it to have a tight spot against the slipper. so i looked at the 3racing gear replacement for their center diff, and it looked just like the atomic gear. my thinking was maybe since the 3racing one was a different manufacturer, the gear would come from a different mold and maybe be truer and mesh better. also, since i have the 3racing delrin slippers, usually when you have two of the same brands parts in conjunction it turns out better. well, i installed the gear in the atomic diff and it was problem solved. super smooth now. no more tight spot. for all of you who bought this diff and it didn't work so you put it back in your toolbox, try this fix and i bet you will be surprised as to how well it works. you can get this on ebay for 5 dollars shipped and they come 2 to a package. heres the linkhttp://www.3racing.com.hk/x_descript...ducts_key=8576
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    Four8s Guest

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    Good find. Best news Ive heard in a while!

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    Jeff Guest


    sure thing.

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    Turps Guest


    Bugger wish I had read this before my last lot of gear buy ups. As I brought another spare atomic gear.

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