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Thread: kyosho 1/10 convertors

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    wongy008 Guest

    Default kyosho 1/10 convertors

    hey guys dont know if its been posted before but im just trying to be helpfull as i dont have time to look through the forum

    i got myself a set of kyosho 1/10 convertors. i had the xspede ones which are rubbish and ppl get IRC outdrives etc etc

    but it seems kyosho have made what the owners have always wanted

    really good quality too

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    Erikie Guest


    I have the same and they work very well for me.
    Down side is they are not cvd so the dogbones can still pop out ...

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    Four8s Guest


    Where did you get them from?

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    Erikie Guest


    I bought them from this guy: http://search.ebay.nl/_W0QQsassZrdvtg
    At the moment he does not have these adapters listed but maybe you can ask him when he gets them. He has quick delivery from Japan. Packages arrived within 6 days in the Netherlands.

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