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Thread: 09 diff screws

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    banx Guest

    Default 09 diff screws

    gentlemen, i need some help locating those screws in the 09 diffs. flat head........links?

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    Four8s Guest


    If your refering to the 4 screws that attatch the main diff gear to the diff cup; it comes in the 09 Diff gear small parts set. Kyosho part# IH226-1 HERE and HERE

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    Erikie Guest


    I am afraid he refers to 2 2.6mm screws that goes in the joint.
    I used the same screws as the motor mount screws. I bought 2 packages of full screw set for the car.
    Gave me lots of spares too for other places

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    banx Guest


    ya i was referring to the 2.6 screws. i was using 2.5 but they kept coming out and i couldnt locate any 2.6

    if they are included in the screw set for the 09 inferno then that is what i will have to buy. thanks for the help guys.

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    Four8s Guest


    How bout THIS

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    banx Guest


    thanks for the link, its actually what i was looking for, but shipping to where i live sends the total cost to $27...... for screws. i dont know why. UPS i'm guessing??

    i found a 09 small screw set on ebay. and the shipping is cheap from rcboys.
    would this have the necessary screws?

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    Four8s Guest


    It has 2.6x6mmFH screws. You want 2.6x8mmFH Screws. It does have 2.6x14mmTP screws you could cut to size, but I dont know what the "TP" stands for.

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    Timbob Guest

    Default If you find a good Canadian source...

    ...for the 09, let me know about it. I'm in Canuckland too!

    Love my 09. Gotta go play!!!

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    banx Guest


    thanks again. ebay seems to be the best place timbob

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    Jeff Guest


    "TP" means they are self tappers.

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