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Thread: Center and Slipper

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    msteiner0539 Guest

    Default Center and Slipper

    Hello all.
    Kay, i have a question. I have modded my Half 8 with Alum shock towers, oil shox, front and rear alum casters and hubs, JR XR3 RX / TX, hs 55 servo, mamba comp x package (25esc with 6800 motor, have the Align and Quark 33 on its way)... alum motor mount, and, 3racing front and rear ball diffs, and I think thats it so far.... Now i have mounted the mamba, and the slipper doesnt stay tight, even though i tighten it to no end, it just completely loosens, and the motor just spins and screams, with no car moving. I have heard of locking the center diff with ca, and tightening the slipper, but what else could i do to not have to worry about my center diff? i know i could just go buy the KMRC chassis, eliminating the center slipper totally, but is there anything else i could do?? delrin gears are one peice, but is there any metal gears for the center gear??? Should i just invest in the KMRC chassis??? Please help....
    THanks a bunch guys,
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    DJBALLEN Guest


    I use an upgraded slipper spring and a center MIP ball diff in my Mist. You deffently need to get a center ball diff the stock center is a piece of junk.


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    Endo Guest


    Use a drop of Blue 242 loctite on the nut. The blue stuff is removable so you can still move it a little or all the way. I would not CA it imo

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    princeharry Guest


    I had this happen to mine. The rubber fitting that slides onto the slipper shaft and fits in the bearing, it melted under extreme heat and dirt. It also melted to the bearing, so it was locked up, so your clutch is probably slipping if the motor is still giving juice, but the car has no torque.

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