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Thread: Wanted: your used Perfex gear.

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    WhiteWolf McBride Guest

    Default Wanted: your used Perfex gear.

    I know many of you guys & gals have upgraded, but I'm sticking with the stock gear.

    I can use any Rx/ESC units, servos, and crystal sets (already have 1, 3 & 5) and mostly, any of those TINY M1.8x4mm TP screws that mount the servo arms to the Perfex KS-11 servos.

    I have some Futaba parts and one full Losi Mini-T rig available, just let me know. My eBay feedback is available: whitewolf_mcbride.

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    Andy Fraser Guest

    Default Prefex Gear

    I have a used prefex and a losi setup I'm not using. What are you offering or wanting to trade for them.


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    DaBomB StamPeDe Guest


    I have complete radio system, servo, and I think every crystal set availaible.

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