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Thread: Anyone running a holeshot carbon chassis?

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    kdolz Guest

    Default Anyone running a holeshot carbon chassis?

    I am thinking of purchacing one. But was hoping for some input first!
    Thanks, Kevin

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    JasonH Guest


    Yup, I have two (a black one on my buggy and a silver one on my ST.) Both work great.

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    habitforming Guest


    I've had mine for over 6 months now and punish it regularly. So far it has held up great and I've had no problems, including initial fitment.

    To see what it puts up with, please visit one18th.com and see my galleries (same handle).

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    kdolz Guest


    Thanks for the replies! Anyone else?

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    Neo_Racer Guest


    whats the best undertray to use with this chasis? and where do i get one?

    i'm in the uk!


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    Joan Guest


    I've got mine today, waiting for a CAW too.

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