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    Lightbulb Rules for BUY/SELL Threads

    This is regarding Members wishing to sell or trade their halfEIGHT's
    and related parts

    I. General Rules
    A. Member requirement-
    i. Members should have at least 20 Posts to their Alias/Name before selling/trading.
    ii. Members can only sell in their private capacity, no sales representing established e-tailers or hobby shops are permitted.
    iii. "Flood Posts" to meet the above requirement will not be tolerated; this will result in an instant Ban at IP level.

    B. Items allowed for sale or trade-
    i. Only items assoicated with (and or covered by) forums to include parts and options unless looking to trade for associated parts and options.
    iii.Lap timing systems.
    iv. All electronic gear associated with lap timing systems (computers, cables etc.).
    v.Transmitters and associated gear.

    C. Items forbidden to be sold or traded-
    i. Items not associated with this forum.
    ii. Anything not related to the halfEIGHT scale and itís operation.

    D. Feelers-No feeler, interest, or price checking threads.

    E. Multiple Threads- Please consolidate threads. Do not post multiple threads for separate items. If you have a multitude of items to sell place them in the same thread. A warning will be sent and repeat offenders will have their threads merged or removed.

    F. eBay or other Auctions links- Links to products on eBay or other auction sites will not be tolerated. Items in the buy/sell forum are between community members and we like to give our members first choice on an item for sale.

    G. Thread Crapping- Thread crapping is rude and will not be tolerated. If you feel the price is unfair or if you have an issue with the asking price then kindly email the seller to inform them. It will be up to the seller to adjust the price however they see fit. This includes obscene remarks to the poster, posting your item for sale in anotherís thread, and unrelated comments. If the poster has made an error and you want to inform them please do so by e-mail or if you reply please do so in an appropriate manner.

    II. Thread Labels- All posts in the Buy and Sell forums will be labeled with the appropriate prefix. If you need a title changed for your thread please contact a moderator. Any post that does not contain the correct prefix will be removed.

    A. FS: - For Sale
    B. FT: - For Trade
    C. WTB:- Want to Buy

    III. For Sale Posts (FS - All items for sale must include a price). If a price is not present the individual who created the thread will be notified to correct the issue. If the price is not posted within 24 hours after the initial warning the thread will be removed.

    A. For Sale Post format - All items for sale will use the following format:

    1. Name - Full Name or First Name, no initials.
    2. Location - City, State, Country (when overseas).
    3. Contact Ė e-mail or thru forum e-mail if enabled in your profile.
    4. Description - A description of your item can be included in the body of your post.
    5. Price - A price and/or price-obo must be listed, no offers, interest, or feelers.

    Thread subject line-FS: halfEIGHT ST
    Name:Joe Kyosho
    Location:Lake Forest, CA
    Description:halfEIGHT ST roller chassis

    Thread body
    I have one halfEIGHT ST roller chassis for sale.

    B. For Sale pictures - All items for sale over $20 require a picture. Pictures are encouraged to reduce confusion.

    C. Paypal - Do not request any additional fee for Paypal, 3% or otherwise when posting items for sale. If you feel the need to cover your loss on a Paypal fee then you as the poster should adjust your asking price to accommodate the fee. (This rule applied to any other similar payment options)

    IV. For Trade Posts (FT - All items for trade should be listed in for trade threads). For Trade threads use the same format as the For Sale thread with but do not include price. Do not include a trade for money, this would make your item for sale and should be listed as a FS thread.

    V. Want To Buy (WTB- All items in rule I.b above). Want to buy threads should be posted using the for sale format excluding price. WTB threads are for the purpose of purchasing used items as stated in rule I.b above. Do not start a thread with a wishlist of new parts. WTB threads will be closely watched.

    VI. Bumping - You may bump your post once per 24 hours. If you are responding to a question in your thread then this is not considered a bump., its administrators, and moderators are not responsible for any interactions that take place on this site. If a problem arises we will do our best in resolving that problem or partaking in a reasonable solution or agreement. Please take the time to create a proper for sale, for trade, thread to avoid any action on your thread or account.
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