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Thread: Strengthening drivetrain, stripping slipper gears

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    Lord_Inferno Guest

    Default Strengthening drivetrain, stripping slipper gears

    Hey everyone,
    I have a aon 6000kv with the mini inferno,
    i keep stripping the slipper gear! are the alloy gears any good?

    Any cures for my problems


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    Four8s Guest


    Is your slipper locked? Are you Using 3Racing gears? Whats causing your slipper to strip?

    I was planing on getting alloy gears when I ran out of spurs, but Ive yet to strip any of them. On my stock spur I use the hard atomic slipper pad. with my 3racing spur I have a canter ball diff.

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    Lord_Inferno Guest


    I was using delrin gears
    I'm using a alloy pinion
    And the rest of the drivetrain is standard

    The slipper was locked too!

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    Four8s Guest


    How bout your motor mount? The stock plastic mount softens up and flexs under a hot motor, alowing the pinion to come out of alignment and wear out the spur.
    Also grains of sand getting between the gears will wear em out quickly too.
    Lastly, too much play between gears will also wear them out.

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    Number_8 Guest


    Also, the center housing has a bit of a fault and you might want to get a 3Racing alloy one.

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    Lord_Inferno Guest


    Has a fault in the centre housing?
    What i noticed was, the standard centre gear diff gear from the centre shaft going to the back diff was at times seperating from the actual gear piece.
    I wasn't too impressed haha!

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    pimpsmurf Guest


    Nothing is wrong with the stock center bulkhead. That is BUNK!

    Are you using the stock motor mount? It's crap. Get an alloy one.

    I had trouble with it too, and here is the solution. Make absolutely sure that the gear mesh is perfect. Sometimes, even with the 3Racing alloy motor mount it, you need to use washers under the motor mount between the motor and the chassis to lift the motor up so you can get a good mesh. This is especially true with small pinions (13 or less) but on a 3 cell lipo w/ Aon4900 you can run 15-16 tooth pinions and even larger with a 2 cell or 8 cell nmhd.


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    Hellgomes Guest


    i have a problem like yours...
    (i have mamba and aon4900)

    My stock center diff never give me problems, but the front/rear diffs.....
    In first, the dog bones makes a big woles in the steel or in the titanium 3racing diff joints, i say BIG woles!!
    Than because this joints woles, theres the diffs problems.... plastic or derlin pinion is out of my plans, than i put the steel pinion, guess what... the diff have a better runtime, but the derlin "spur gear" blows again, but very better than the derlin pinion runtime lol (yes the pinion and spur gear is good sincronized)

    i dont have slipper but i put the 3r ball diffs to make a little slipper, and i think is not the very very best ideia.....

    i have bought until now, about 4 joint complete kits, and very very diffs, st diffs and 3r diffs, and still searching for anithing better....

    sorry my poor english, and please give me a cure!!!!

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    garrettsdad Guest


    Use MIP ball diffs F/C/R I also use thier cvds and outdrives, they stand behind their products and are great quality.... I am using the stock gear, stock center mount with the aon 4900 and 3 cell lipo..have had no problems at all........except my driving skills!

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    Jrgunn5150 Guest


    I found using anything less than a 12 tooth pinion will strip everytime.

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