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Thread: X-speed Half 8 Ht Motor

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    hyb Guest

    Default X-speed Half 8 Ht Motor

    Hi, I want to upgrade my stock motor, when looking at kyosho's website I saw this motor named "X-SPEED HALF 8 HT MOTOR " click to see
    Is there anyone who use this? Does HT stands for high torque? Thanks.

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    aldredheron Guest


    Remember that this plane isn't meant to go really fast. The increased weight of a 480 & bigger batteries will increase the stress in the wing possibly causing the to snap, usually at the ends of the wing reinforcement tube & at the area between the motor & wing.

    If you're going to make an easystar go faster you'll want to reinforce those areas in a big time way as well as increasing the connection of the wings.

    Of course there's always brushless & lipos which would drastically reduce weight & increase power. The weight reduction would help it to go faster & reduce g force stress. But of course that's also much more expensive.

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