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Thread: Brushless mini inferno for sale

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    pinoyboy Guest

    Default Brushless mini inferno for sale

    Alright, I need to sell this ASAP because I need to jump on a local Mini z deal. At the moment, this car does not run. It needs Kyosho part number IH226 to get back up and running with proper break in of the gear diff. A new receiver might be needed as well to get better reception. Heres a list of some of the notable items included in this auction

    -KMRC CF chassis
    -Kyosho Oil shocks
    -Quark 33A ESC and Wraith 7k(no more than 30 total minutes ran on this setup)
    -Dynamite li-po charger
    -3 Lipo batteries
    -E-flite 11.1v 860mah
    -2 Thunder Power 11.1v wired in parallel=1460mah
    -2 Common sense 11.1v wired in parallel= 2500mah
    -Duratrax Flash point Temp guage
    -Extra atomic ball ends
    -2 extra NIP bulkhead assemblies
    -extra set of wheels
    -3 Racing alloy front shock tower
    -3 Racing alloy rear shock tower
    -Alloy fornt and rear CVDs
    -Iwaver 10 model memory 27mhz TX
    -Decased Duratrax 27mhz RX
    -Kyosho body
    -Assorted shock preload spacers

    This may sound like an Ebay description because it is!
    Check ebay item number 330105865988 if you are interested.

    If interested, please contact me here or through AIM(nuttypboy)
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    JasonH Guest


    What kind of range do you get with that? I had a similar radio and receiver in my brushless Mini Inferno and the interference was so bad I maybe had 30ft of range. I changed mine to a Spektrum and it works perfectly.

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    pinoyboy Guest


    anyone for $320 shipped?

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    pinoyboy Guest


    close this thread please

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