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Thread: crowd pleaser body

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    jas1n Guest

    Default crowd pleaser body

    where can I buy this? The buggy version

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    tanandy09 Guest



    The Toyz

    These are the places you can find them.

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    tanandy09 Guest


    Some pictures of my Crowd pleaser bodies for the mini inferno buggy

    This one is recently painted by somebody else for me. I haven't got it yet.

    This is what I've been running.

    Anybody has the new crowd pleaser for the 09 infernos? Show some pics!!

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    Bugoff75 Guest


    ebay is the only place i found em cheap.

    heres my new one before i finished trimming and mounting it.

    damn shame - only got two qualifiers on it (had to leave the track early) before i shelved it for the outdoor racing season.

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    tanandy09 Guest


    Wow... Nice Hopped up mini inferno and a beautiful Crowd pleaser body...

    Well, there's always the next indoor season to race, hopefully...

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