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Thread: Mini Inferno 09 ST

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    Migs Guest

    Exclamation Mini Inferno 09 ST

    Thinking about selling my Mini Inferno 09 ST. Anyone interested....???

    Email me directly for details:


    Quick description:

    This is a very slightly used Mini Inferno 09 that has been converted to an ST. Conversion parts include:

    3Racing ST delrin arms
    3Racing ST turnbuckles
    3Racing ST shock towers (rear shock tower not shown in pics)
    3Racing sway bars
    MIP ST CVD's
    Mini LST wheels/adapters with Mini Quake tires
    Spektrum SR3500 micro receiver

    It will come with everything originally packaged with it in addition to all the parts that were taken off for the conversion.

    I've only ran about 8 or 9 tanks through it, it has never been in the dirt.

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    Migs Guest

    Exclamation more pics....

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    CrashHDD Guest


    could you please point me in the right area on how you did the wheels?


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    Migs Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by CrashHDD
    could you please point me in the right area on how you did the wheels?

    The wheels are Mini LST wheels with DuraTrax Mini Quake tires. The wheels have been narrowed (cut). There were a couple of other members who asked me how I did the procedure. There is detailed information in another thread. I don't have the link handy. Try doing a search for some of my old posts...

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    Migs Guest

    Exclamation 03/16/07

    $300 obo


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    Migs Guest

    Exclamation 03/21/07

    UPDATE : 03/21/07

    A few people have emailed me and asked exactly what my Mini Inferno 09 ST comes with in the sale. I took 5 more pics of the parts included. Also included but not shown in the pics are all the instruction manuals.

    Feel free to email me if you have any other specific questions or pic requests.

    Also... I currently have a Spektrum SR3500 micro receiver installed. It is NOT included in the $300 shipped price and will be removed prior to shipping. It will come with the stock Kyosho AM transmitter and receiver. I'm willing to sell the Spektrum receiver for an additional $60, I paid $100 for it new.
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    Migs Guest

    Exclamation 03/22/07

    UPDATE : 03/22/07


    Moderator.... please delete this thread

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