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Thread: Hi - New and confused

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    FLETCH Guest

    Default Hi - New and confused

    Recentley got a mini Inferno ST.

    Had a lot of fun since I upgraded the battery to Kyosho 9.6v 1100Mah battery set but would love a bit more power.

    I was thinking of going for the X-Speed motor at first and see how I got on. Is there anything else that will give me more speed without going brushless. I've read about a couple of brushed motors that may be suitable like the rocket but I'm not sure if i need anything else to fit them into place.

    Part of me wants to just go brushless but the whole thing seems like a bit of a black art at the moment. Would I just need to upgrade the ESC or a host of other stuff as well?

    Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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    Mar 2006
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    We need some of the more experienced folks ariund here to comment, but I am in the same boat as you. Although I am just upgrading to X-speed. I have two STs and two nanodragon 2s. The electronics on the nanodragon 2s are awful so I am upgrading electronics. At $65 delivered for stck Kyosho electronics it would have been better to just buy a mini inferno stock if all I wantto do is play and not upgrade. But upgrading s the fun and I am just learning.

    So I just purchased a new ESC and a separate receiver. I chose the Mtroniks Viper eco20 which is waterproof and can handle 8 cells. I got it from dinball (RC Mart) off of ebay. I decided just to go with a Hitec receiver so that all is compatible with the stock Kyosho or iWaver Tx. Total cost$63 delivered for the esc and rx.

    For brushless you have to use a brushless compatible esc from my reading here. This means you will also be upgrading the receiver away from the stock esc/receiver combo. Then you have to insure compatibility with your Tx or you may have to upgrade that. Many Rxs are compatible with your Kyosho Tx so not a problem.

    Anyways - the delivered cost of the mtroniks esc and hitec Rx is like $63 and the mtroniks esc is supposedly waterproof. So a balloon on the servo and recieve and should be able to handle light wet conditions on grass. We are upgrading in part to be able to play a little on on our backyard short grass.

    After I assemble my first system and actually show I know what I am doing I will consider a more dramatic upgrade to the other Nano and STs. One thing I want to do is document all the speed changes with different upgrades so I truly understand the relative impact of the different upgrades.
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    bermbuster Guest


    Hey Steve....
    your back in the states.....
    brushed 400 size motors dont give you a large choice.
    you can go to www.hobby-lobby.com and find the few that are available.
    You can also use ythe vr3??? motor for the Vendetta.
    The good news about these motors is that they are cheap $10-$15.
    They do work better but dont expect mind blowing speed.
    The Kyosho is a heavy vehicle and the 400 motor (actually a 380) only can do so much. That is why bl is so popular. bl opens a new window of issues....drivetrain.... My personal opinion is to stay brushed and have fun....

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    Thanks Berm. No, not back in the States. Still in Shanghai. I visit the States only for a week here and there. As for speed, I am upgrading to learn and if I get to 20 mph I am more than happy. Stock with AAs at 13 mph I am quite happy where I live - all cement. We just cannot run on our backyard grass without a little more oomph.

    BTW - its the newly arrived Micro Ts that have us all excited right now.
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    FLETCH Guest


    Thanks for the help guys.

    In the end I got the Kyosho X-Speed Motor and I'm using the Kyosho Half 8 battery pack. The increase in speed is significant and I'm having a lot more fun. I think I'd probably break the thing if i went any faster at the moment.

    I also tightened the slip to 4mm and play about between diferent pinnion sizes. I just enjoy the tinkering.

    Thanks again

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    madman23 Guest


    im useing my bl in my inferno.. can't wait to try it in the dirt...

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    nmb Guest


    I also went for GMAXX 1200ma cells from rcmart.

    Got my xspeed motor and 14 pinion.

    But still waiting for the duratraxx charger so still AA's for me

    I'm hoping that cells do make a diference since xspeed and 14 pinion made just a slight increase running on AA's.

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    tanandy09 Guest


    9.6V 8 cells packs will make a huge difference to using 6 AA cells.

    Just watch the motor temperature if you run your mini inferno in the grass with 14t pinion. It may be too hot. Try running 11t or even 10t, and put in a heatsink on that motor.

    If you are running on a dirt track, the 14t pinion should be a very good setup.

    I'll try to upload a video of my stock mini inferno with 8 cells on a dirt track, soon.

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    tanandy09 Guest


    Video of stock mini inferno with 8 cells nimh and oil shocks only.


    14t pinion, stock motor. The same setup will crawl and overheat in the grass unless i swap it with a 11-10t pinion.

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    jaejw1 Guest


    the vendetta is also a heavy vehicle.. you can use the ermax 400/4d whih has a ton of torque and speed.. and it stays extremely cool.. so cool you will think that you never ran th motor,,, i have tested many motors in my vendetta and this motor is by far the fastest and coolest motor,,, i have been running it with the final drive at 5.99:1 so if you can get the mini inferno down to 6:1 then you are good to go with this awesome motor..

    i have tested the
    duratrax vr3
    8000kv mamba
    aon 4900kv
    wraith 7k kv
    gh 4700kv
    gh 3600kv
    ammo 3900kv
    permax 400/4d (5200kv)

    im currently using the ammo 3900 in my vendetta ST with mini inferno ST wheels geared at 5.49:1 and it literally flies.. can keep up with mod 10th scale trucks and buggies at my track,, here is an example..


    btw this video doesnt show full speed.. everytime i try to give it .. the front wheels lift up.. you will see this at the beginning,, it takes me 23 seconds to complete one lap.. and this is a layout that i was not used to yet,, it was only a day old..

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