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Thread: 3 things to do with your Nanodragon II

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    Default 3 things to do with your Nanodragon II

    1. Use it by itself.

    2. Use it for spare parts

    3. Upgrade the electronics

    1. Use it by itself. I cannot run my two Nano 2s together or with my Mini Inferno STs (MISTs) at the same time. Together one of the Nano 2s is too glitchy. Maybe I have not worked out a good crystal combo, but have tried several. Including switching to the crystals my two MISTs have and use of the two Kyosho Txs. If I use either nano at the same time as a MIST, the Nano glitches very badly within 10' of the Kyosho Tx. However, one at a time the nanos are very fun and as bashable as my MISTs.

    2. At the low price delivered, you are getting a lot of spare parts for far less than it costs to buy them separate for your infernos. I am pulling out a center diff and a wheel hub on one to get a MIST back into operation.

    3. Use it as a cheap platform to upgrade. I will do this with the one I am using for spare parts since I am in no rush to reorder the parts I stole from it.
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    There are 3 things from my ND2 I prefer over my MI, it's the model of the body, the wheels/tires and the transmitter.

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