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Thread: brushless problems

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    pllbz Guest

    Default brushless problems

    I'va got a mamba 5400 system and my friend has a 5400 mini rage...its virtually the same motor down to the green cans and mambe controller...recently my friends car started cogging really bad during start up and you have to barely pull the throttle to get it going. We tried replacing the wires with better gauge wire and we both have the same set-up, including batteries and pinion. Mine runs like a champ but his sucks the big one! i'm wondering if the cogging is a sign of a burnt out motor of is it something else????

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    Turps Guest


    Could it be the batts he is using are reaching the end of there life?

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    pllbz Guest


    no ...cuz we tried it on my car and it works...either the ESC or the motor

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