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Thread: F/S---Mini Inferno ST---

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    h8ST Guest

    Default F/S---Mini Inferno ST---

    Getting rid of my ST.

    It comes with MIP rear CVD's
    MIP center ball diff
    3Racing front knuckles
    3Racing rear hubs
    3Racing Bearings
    Aluminum wheel adaptors
    HS-81mg Servo
    8 cell IB 1200 saddlepack w/ deans
    Original box and paperwork
    Spare parts

    It has never been bashed, mostly just speed runs. The wheels are not the greatest but still work fine.

    I purchased this new in October, but got into carpet racing and haven't played with it much. It will need a motor/esc and rx/tx.

    I will need $150.00 + shipping. Or would consider a tc3/tc4, or 1/18th brushless setups as trades but will consider all offers.

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    h8ST Guest


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    Andy Moore Guest


    Ive got a FTTC3 roller. Body, tires, and an MVP stocker in it. Run once on carpet, then shelved, haha.

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    cksjh71 Guest


    Ive got a brushless mamba comp x system. Let me know if you want to trade

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    Crusher Guest


    How about a mamba esc with a hacker motor?


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    aldredheron Guest


    the mini inferno uses a 400 sized motor.
    Technically speaking as far as fit you can use a 180, 280,300 and a 370. (micro motor sizes)
    All those motors will fit. Realistically most of those sizes will be underpowered for the mini inferno. Brushless motors in those sizes will work.
    Now you have to do some homework.

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