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Thread: Half 8 X-Speed vs. Xray 370 M18T motor

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    H8er Guest

    Default Half 8 X-Speed vs. Xray 370 M18T motor

    I can get either, and I want to know which one is better. Do you guys have any specs to compare, or a flat-out answer? thanks a lot!

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    morati Guest


    The Kyosho X-Speed motor is a 380 motor (400 series actually) and the Xray is a 370 (or 300 series can). For the weight of the Half8 you will need the extra torque that the larger 400 series provides. Alternatively you can buy one of these....
    they are 380 sized (same as the Kyosho X-Speed) and have adjustable timing. I recommend them......

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    wartown Guest


    I tried the x-speed but was only happy for a minute. Have you considered saving up and going brushless? I think you would be much happier in the long run. just a thought

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    minijosh Guest


    I agree with wartown. I just installed a rocket 400 and the kyosho x speed motors and found them to be very slow. I miss my Mamba now.

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    H8er Guest


    Unfortunately, I'm going to be racing stock class for a while, so I want to stick with a nice stocker.

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    minijosh Guest


    I have a Rocket 400, x speed motor and the stock motor if you are after any for cheap. I'll be going back to the mamba.

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    H8er Guest


    Might be interested. Which (Rocket 400 or X-Speed) is faster? Or is there a difference?

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    rabid Guest

    Default rocky

    hey cuz ill take the rocket if no one has called it yet. That is if the cost of shipping it down under makes sense .

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