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Thread: Half 9 - Diffs

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    mece Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by FHM101
    Pitch has nothing to do with the number of teeth unless you are trying to cram a bunch more teeth into the same space.
    Which is exactly my point. the diffs fit into the same space, hence you'd need to make a smaller pitch to get a taller ratio.

    Quote Originally Posted by FHM101
    Given the MI and MIST share the same center diff, both have the same center drive ratio. If they have different final drive ratios then the difference has to be in the diffs. I don't doubt the ring and pinion sets on the MI and MIST have the same tooth count, but what about the internal gears? If both cars have the same center ratio and the same ring/pinion tooth count, the difference has to be in the internal gears, otherwise they would have the same final drive ratio and the truck with it's larger tires would be slow as christmas.
    Umm,, well if you are talking about the gears inside the diffs, you might want to think about that theory again.
    the internal gears in the diff are there to allow the left and right side wheels to spin at different speeds, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the drive-ratio. If both wheels are spinning then the internal diff gears don't rotate at all.

    If you don't believe me, then consider a locked diff. What's the 'ratio' of that.

    either way I checked the parts list and it claims that the ST and MI has the samie pinion, the 14t, but I think there's a mistake there. the drive-ratio of the ST is claimed to be 12.6 which is what you get if you use a 12t pinion. I think this is the case but I don't have a MIST here right now so I can't check.

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    FHM101 Guest


    I'm just trying to figure out why my buggy got so much quicker when I swapped out the stock diffs for the ST diffs and didn't change anything else. It went from a nice manageable hole shot to looking like a 4wd funny car if pegged from a standing start. I've even gone from a 12T to a 13T pinion and it's still got loads more jump than it ever did with the buggy diffs.

    It would be nice if the 09 diffs will work in the MI and MIST, maybe it will solve some of the problems so many seem to be having with the stockers. Problematic diffs in either the MI or MIST are still a mystery to me though as I've never had any issues with any of my MI or MIST diffs.

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    CrustyNoodle Guest


    I'd bet Bit's left one that the innards from the 09 diffs (spider gears) would be a direct fit in the ST diffs!

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    nitrovark Guest


    According to an article in the Sept 06 RC Car Action mag on the 09 (page 90), the diff is a direct replacement of all Mini Inferno based vehicles...
    "RCCA: Will the 09 have the same diffs as the electric Mini Inferno? If not, what will be the differences?
    Jiro Higashino (creater of the Half 8 series): Fortunately, we were able to develope a differential using the stronger components of teh sealed differential already used in the Mini Inferno ST. It includes the same diff case, but we will use metal gears for GP differentials. Because we use the same case as the existing differential, any Mini Inferno based vehicle can be converted to the more durable gears - perfect for brushless motor and Li-poly battery applications. In fact, with this upgraded differntial, the Mini Inferno should be the strongest mini-class car for the brushless motor."
    end quote

    Also, according to the RCCA article, the differences between the electric and nirto versions are what's between the front and rear diffs.

    Looks like a must-have upgrade to me.


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    ChrisOFNA Guest


    I think your (whoevers car it was) was faster because the diff didn't unload to ethier side, it stayed striaghter.

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    banx Guest


    are these diffs available for sale yet?

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    ...i had the great pleasure to speak with Jiro Higashino and we are now mail buddies About bloody time too but never mind And as has beeen noted elsewhere YES they are direct fits...

    ...we also talked about how much better the car MIGHT go if one was to tighten (not lock, no one said LOCK ) the center diffs...And YES; He DOES sometimes pass through here to see what you are all moaning about LOL...

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    acsubie Guest


    got my nitro 8(actually won it ) and there are a number of parts besides the diffs that have been revised/improved ...about the diffs they are very smooth

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    strodedawg Guest


    how about some part numbers for those diffs fellas. i need replacement diffs and pinions. please let me know asap.

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    H8er Guest


    That's really nice to hear, that they will be interchangeable. But why buy the 09 diffs if you can buy Atomic II or MIP diffs?

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