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Thread: THinking of going Brushed

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    RoostAZ Guest

    Default THinking of going Brushed

    Well my mamba 8000 motor just heaped out and I am tired of messing with all my RC's. I just want one of them to work good for a while. I want my mini to be my fun reliable RC, so I am thinking that I should probably just get a cheaper brushed motor, are there any good ones out there that are close to some brushless setups?

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    BiGRoB21 Guest


    you need to get a aon4900 or wrath 7k. the smaller mamba motors are strained too much by the weight of the mini inferno. if you go brushed you are looking at more motor worries than what you had with the mamba

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    bermbuster Guest


    Since you need just the motor go with the Aon 4900.....
    If you go brushed you will to invest in a new esc and then a motor. You think your mamba got hot...... In the 380-400 range of brushed motors you do not have many choices. One motor that works well but doesnt last is the graupner speed 400 ($9). I really thought somebody was going to make a hot 400 for the h8 but it never happened. If you want to go fast BL is the way to go.

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    jaejw1 Guest


    hard to find a good brushed motor,, one try could be the duratrax vr3 motor for the vendetta.. only 16bux and you can advance the timing.. dont know what the final gearing is of the mini inferno but the stock gearing for the detta is 7.11:1 and the timed vr3 gets pretty hot but with a higher final drive im sure it will be right at home...

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    H8er Guest


    Graupner SPEED motors
    Trinity Cobalt motors- closest to BL you'll get unless you get some custom job
    Orion Baja

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