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    Like the title reads, I am looking for paint for lexan bodies.

    I have used the Pactra Racing Finish paints on a few projects, both can and airbrush type. And some stuff I found at Wal Mart, the Dupla Color paints (in the automotive section). Between the two I have had better luck with the Dupla Color paints, both stink but the Dupla color is better at staying put on the lexan. I have also used the Tamiya paint pens (for lexan) for the detail work. I have been looking at the Parma Fascolor paints, just don't know much about them. Most of my painting projects are on the Mini Z's, but have done a few lexan bodies of different sizes. I figure if anybody on any of the Tiny RC forums can help, it would be you Half8 guys. Thanks in advance.
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