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Thread: Review Thread?

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    ChrisOFNA Guest

    Default Review Thread?


    Can you guys make a Review thread? Then we can get some opinions of different products out.

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    H8er Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Tall Kathaleen
    why didn't you just call them about it?
    Because this is a forum.

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    ZigZag Guest


    hey h8er, please tell your mom to stop callin... No wonder you turned out GAY!!!!!!!! It must be hard growing up with a crackhead mother...

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    H8er Guest


    What the F**k is wrong with you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by H8er
    What the F**k is wrong with you?

    Go ahead and play your email spam game on me... Lmao

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    Seriously dude, you have some issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisOFNA

    Can you guys make a Review thread? Then we can get some opinions of different products out.
    C, if possible it's best to post your reviews at shop.tinyrc.com - click on the item you want to review, then click the Customer Reviews tab (you'll want to make sure you're logged in w/ your shop.TRC account) and enter your review here. Here's list of all of the reviews in one place:


    We could add a sub-forum allowing you to post links to shop.TRC reviews, would that work?

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    Lord_Inferno Guest

    Default My review



    Once you open the box, you will most likely be captivated how cool the packaging is.

    The top of the box comes off, revealing the buggy in what looks like a showroom with glass around it. Under this there is the transmitter, aerial and a small collection of spares. It was nice that Kyosho decided to include some spare screws as well.

    To get going all you have to do is insert 8 batteries intro the transponder and 6 batteries into the actual battery holder on the unit.


    Firstly, the actual buggy is quite good looking, with a good layout and balance; the batteries sit either side of the speed controller. It uses 2 saddle packs, which store 3 AA batteries each. The finish on the actual pre-painted body was very good too, but this quality is quite usual for Kyosho. The transmitter has steering adjustment and throttle adjustment as most units have. It also has a steering rate adjuster where your thumb would sit. My only issue with this is that I found on the odd occasion I would by mistake turn the steering rate while the transmitter was in my hand.

    I was not sure what to expect when I first ran it, I had an rc18t before this which had a mamba 8000 in it, and I have a team associated tc3 with a stock motor. On the first run I found the unit a lot of fun, the handling was precise and acceleration was quite good. It had little trouble even getting through thick grass about 1 high. My only issue was the top speed, I attempted a few runs at the Knox track in Victoria. There is a double jump there and found myself unable to clear the double jumps (about .5 metre between them) by quite a bit. On the single jumps I found the mini inferno to be very stable on the landings, more than the rc18t. The bigger scale would help quite a bit too. And the actual design of the chassis results in quite a wide wheel span (less chance of flipping to the side).


    Things started getting quite interesting with the 1400mah batteries. It was a huge difference between the AA batteries (going from 7.2 volt to 9.6). the extra 2.4v really makes a big difference, the motor is revving more and the acceleration has picked up considerably. I am still unable to clear the double jump but I am much closer, take off out of a corner is much better now too. My only issues at the moment is the suspension, the friction shocks are causing the unit to bounce around quite a bit on the track.
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