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Thread: Any bodies that are trimmable to fit ST??

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    bbking9 Guest

    Default Any bodies that are trimmable to fit ST??

    From what I can find online - there are no Kyosho ST Clear bodies available in the U.S.

    So - are there any truck bodies out there you can trim to fit - and still use the inner shell? Mini LST?

    I know Parma makes one - but I think I could do better with some newspaper and aluminum foil.

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    Jaymz Guest


    hey guys im really keen to find out this aswell...??? What bodies can fit? Or how do i find out what size the ST body is so i can try some others??? How do i measure it to find out if its a 190mm one? Is that the width of it??? I have no idea

    Or should i just paint my standard one?

    Thanx for the help guys

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    mOOsE Guest


    190mm is a touring car body....that is the width measurement and will be far from fitting

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    FHM101 Guest


    I tried a parma xciter for the mini LST, and trimmed to the cut lines it's still way to tall although the wheel wells do line up nice. It has a step about a half inch or so above the cut line that runs all the way round so when I get some time I'm going to trim it to that and see what happens. I don't think we are going to have any luck finding a full shell right away though. One good thing, I talked to the folks at J Concepts and they have a full shell for the ST on the "to do" list, but it's not on the schedule yet so it might be a while. It could just be wishful thinking on my part, but doesn't this photo of the yet to be released ST ARR show a full unpainted shell?
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    crymynal Guest


    FHM101--that just looks like the unpainted under body and top body on the ARR.

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    Jaymz Guest


    FHM101 how did it go trimming up the parma body??? If it fits ok i might look at getting one, just to be different to everyone else in AUS Also does anyone know of someone in Brisbane, Australia that'll do a custom paintjob on one of these??? I have no painting skills at all

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    FHM101 Guest


    Have not had time to get to it yet. I work at home and business has been through the roof, plus a couple of family things came up unexpectedly so I'm meeting myself coming and going these days. I'm about to sell my ST to a guy I race nitro trucks with who wants to get into mini truck. We have a big race coming up in june and I'm running buggy in it so I'm devoting all my track time to practice with that. The truck had become a long term project for this winter when we move indoors full time and was just mostly gathering dust. The guy who wants it is a good friend so I'm going to hook him up for the june race. I've got plenty of time to get another ST and have it ready for the indoor season.

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    ...If anyone reading this thread CAN then might i suggest dry-fitting a TAMIYA TLT body and getting pictures? I think you might find that it will fit and look pretty good too

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    Jaymz Guest


    i just bought a parma xciter body for the inferno.... once its painted up ill post some piccy's.... but i would love a diff one if anyone has any ideas.... Might try that too Bit thanx

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    FHM101 Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by BitHed
    ...If anyone reading this thread CAN then might i suggest dry-fitting a TAMIYA TLT body and getting pictures? I think you might find that it will fit and look pretty good too
    I looked for a TLT-1 shell a few weeks ago and the only clear one I found (tamiya P/N 47201) was on Tower Hobbies and they gave the width as 4", but didn't specify if that was at the bottom or the top. My buggy is currently stripped for an IRAN and the tub with a scale laid across it just ahead of the battery stops measures just a shade under 4.8" outside to outside. If the 4" is across the top it might be made to work as it widens at the break line for the cab. If nothing else it could be fitted and spread over the chassis and with a little patience and a heat gun could be "adjusted" provided there are no interference issues further up. Ordering one and giving it a try was next on my list before I got rid of my ST. I may yet order one as my project truck for the upcoming winter season is going to be on a CF plate ( ) and I'm currently working to get everything mounted so I can trim the chassis to 4" OAW.

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