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Thread: Nano Dragon 1:16th H8 Clone

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    erik_dedobbeleer Guest


    I see,
    I never saw the nano dragon under this name in the shops I know of in Shanghai.
    So, I guess you didn't buy it in shanghai , or , much better, you can give me a good address to find stuff?


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    MINIz guy Guest


    well, it wasnt under the nano dragon name..i really dont know what name it was under but i saw a shop carrying these in guang zhou or know as kanton

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    erik_dedobbeleer Guest


    I' m going there for a few days in 2 weeks.
    Do you think you could get me an address?

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    MINIz guy Guest


    um, i dont have the business card from them or any of the hobby shops i went to there as i lost them somhow but their name is LXX Hobby (i think) and the second one with parts but also cars is called fuyuan hobby(i think thats spelled right) ill ask my parents where exactly as im not so sure

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    Bugoff75 Guest


    Just purchased a nano dragon because I had read else where that its almost identical to the MIF. and i figured most of its getting upgraded anyway so...
    well its not 100% identical but looks like most upgrades will fit with out a problem.
    now for my question. i know there are better diffs available for front rear and center but what about the other part of the center diff? the bit the pinion actually turns? has a nut on it which i tighten down all the way until i have a chance to get some CA but it still slips like nuts. waiting until i figure this out before i install the brushless system.
    other then that the only thing that seems cheap is the plastic. feels a bit soft which is really a good thing. won't break. but the chassis flexes way too much. really needs to stiffen it up.

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    Bugoff75 Guest


    Did some research and its the slipper thats slipping. does its job way too well. scrolling back thru the post on that subject there does not seem to be a universal cure for the problem. some say CA it, others the atomic slipper pads, some get away with just tightening it down all the way. my LHS recommened just using a rubber o-ring but it didn't help at all. has one fix-it for good been found?

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    erik_dedobbeleer Guest


    Hey Bugoff,
    Here's my solution:
    -take it all apart and remove all grease and oil residues
    - take out the metal slipper pad, replace it with a well degreased O-ring.
    I used the standard shock absorber O-ring: the inner diameter will stretch enough to push it over the axle and sit tight. The outer diameter will fit in the recessed space of the smaller gear.
    - I also put a larger o-ring: for sealing the cap of a shockabsorber in the larger gear. It is not thick, but the larger iner and outer diameter help handling the torque. The outer diameter has to be right: the ring should just sit put: you dont want it to be exactly centered.
    - Take out the spring and replace it with a plastic collar. Make sure the collar is long enough: test first if you can push the smaller gear against the bigger one by adjusting the nut. By removing the spring you can directly control the tension on the center rubber ring (or silicon ring). The tension on that ring will determine how much slipper action you get. you need enough tension on the inner ring to make the outer ring get compressed a bit. If you only compress the inner ring it will get destroyed soon.

    The point of this solution is not to get a constantly funcioning slipper: it's more of an emergency-only slipper.

    It worked well for me, but I can not guarntee how it will work for anyone else: it depends very much on the moter you put in...

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    Bugoff75 Guest


    Thank you for the reply. Actually I tried the o-ring fix a bit ago and it did not make a difference so i came up with my own solution which didn't help either. Turns out the o-ring might of fixed it cause when the slipper works right all 3 diffs start skipping, which is why it made alot of noise and just wouldn't move once the wheels touched the ground. i have upgraded the bearings and while i was at it i shimmed the front and rear diffs. well thought i did. put the shims on the wrong side of the bearings. wasn't helping at all. fixed it today and no more skipping in either the front or the rear. but now the center diff sends most of the power to the front so i added a bit of plumbers tape to gum things up a bit and for the 30 seconds i had to road test it before the battery went dead everything seems perfect. if the material i'm using for a slipper pad holds up i'll leave it alone and just finish upgrading the diffs to ball diffs when i get the chance. thanks again.

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    erik_dedobbeleer Guest


    Well, if it doesn't hold: I saw atomic or 3racing or GPM (sorry forgot which one) has a 1-piece replacement for the 2-gear-and-slipper unit.

    It actually comes as a set and you get 3 ratios: cool, and it's baby blue: not so cool ;-)

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    Shanghai, PRC


    I live in China (Shanghai) and had no problems getting two Nano IIs shipped to me from Hong Kong. $159 U.S. delivered for 2. Less than the cost of one of my H8 STs. One box was clearly opened and resealed. Both run well. One was missing an antenna tube, but I have quite a few of those. I also have an extra Tx from an older iWaver purchase.
    AOL Screen Name: SteveR1960 buzz me if you want to chat RC

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