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Thread: DRVONHOSS Help us on how to paint

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    WhoMe Guest


    I use a regular brush as opposed to a sponge brush. The ridges a conventional brush leaves behind help build up the coats. However be sure to clean the brush or else yull ruin it.

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    DrVonHoSS Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by Hikari no Tenshi
    Best tip I can give for liquid mask is be sloppy. The sloppier the better. The stuff just peels off better when it's thick, so if you use thick sloppy coats, it'll be easier to use. Take it from someone who went to thin once.
    I agree.. to a certain point. You don't want blobs or liquid mask in spots. I place my bodies in front of an electric heater between coats of mask and the blobs tend to create a problem when cutting.

    I use 5 coats with a 1 inch wide cheap paint brush. I tried the foam brushes but didn't have much luck. I have also gone "too thin".. what a mess.

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    leapingbug Guest


    umm ya i tried the liguid mask for the first time and it works great.the only thing is i put it on to thick and it was hard to cut line if ya know what im sayin.but all in all it came out pritty good ill try to post some pics later on tonight.

    Allso when i was painting i got thise allmost cobwebbing of the paint what is that and is it normall (thise is my first time useing an airbrush) thanks

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    leapingbug Guest


    O allso whats the best way to paint a carbon fiber and ghost flame effect thanks guys

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    plain_simple Guest


    cowebbing is due to the pressure your applying to the airbrush... if your using faskolor try around 40psi and cowebbing wont show up

    for the carbon fiber fx look here.. its a nice tip
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    leapingbug Guest


    If you look at my avatar thats the one body i painted.
    So what ya think

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    plain_simple Guest


    its kinda hard to say anything with such a small pic but it doesnt looks that bad... could be a kot worse, trust me on that one

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