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Thread: ST Parts List

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    Default ST Parts List


    IH100 Shock Stay Set
    IH101 Arm Set

    IH102 Front Shock Set
    IH103 Diff Gear Set (TWO needed for ONE car)
    IH104 Diff Small Parts Set (TWO needed for ONE car; this set will probably hold the ENLARGED diff cups which we now know will STILL fail under extreme loads, ie brushless)
    IH105 Rear Shock Set

    IH106F Front Dog Bone Set
    IH106R Rear Dog Bone Set

    (...These look like pure replacement parts for ST stock parts...)
    IH107F Front Shock Shaft
    IH107R Rear Shock Shaft
    IH108 Oil Shock Cap Set
    IH109 Pressure Top Set (Inner Bladder Cap)
    IH110F Front Spring Set (Stock)
    IH110R Rear Spring Set (Stock)

    (...The following are weird...Do they NEED to be replaced? )

    IH111 Slipper and Servo Saver Spring Set (The stronger springs will aid the stronger power of the bigger platform...Regan mentioned that the slipper wont change much but the steering spring will be much better...)

    IH112 Set Screw and Servo Horn Set (New? Needed?)
    IH113 Wrench Tool Set (New? Needed?)

    IHB30 Tiger Flare Body Set (Inner incl?)
    IHB31 G Stripe Body Set (Inner incl?)
    IHB50 Clear Body Set
    IHB51 Clear Inner Body Set
    IHD50 Tiger Flare Decal Set
    IHD51 G Stripe Decal Set
    IHD52 ARR Decal Set (No idea what this is yet…Military ala Mad Armour? KYOSHO Branded? Almost Ready to Run?)

    IHTH30KO Orange Rims w/ Tires
    IHTH30Y Yellow Rims w/ Tires

    IHW32 X-Speed High Torque Motor

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    ...At THIS stage there is NO listing for a new center diff, apart from the mysterious TBC one way and no listing for axles which means they are same as stock...

    ...There is NO listing for a new slipper shaft or servo saver which makes me wonder about the listed spring set but they slightly taller (?) servo horn might make a bigger spring needed? Has the spring been improved? Lengthened?

    ...I am HOPING one of the KYOSHO boys will post comments but I know they dont want to give TOO much away...

    ...PanicToys HAVE been confirmed for most pieces and I have my Conversion Sets on paper so far...They include...

    ...FULL set with ALL parts, body and rims...

    ...Body, Rims, NO SHOCKS but the smaller shaft to replace the REAR buggy shafts...This idea was stolen from Hawk...TBC if it will work though...)

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    Hawk Guest


    I need longer tie rods for steering and the upper adjusting rods for the suspension arms. Did you find Lunsford part numbers yet or am I on my own?
    Most of the rest works just like before, so far.

    Oh yeah, with all the different chassis, each with its own thinkness, the mounds of machine screws I have fit and replaced is amazing. I guess it is a good thing to buy them by 100 piecse after all.

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    Trickpatrick Guest

    Default Thanks Bit you Da Man!!!

    Paypaled you, St conversion here I come.

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    crymynal Guest


    Hey Bit...its been awhile.....I have a couple of questions for you. I know the ST is out now. My buddy has one. I was wondering if you have a completed updated list for an ST conversion? How much will it cost for a kit from you?

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    Glitch Guest


    Does anyone know where I can buy the ST diffs,ST gear set, and the diff tool? No one in Cali seems to carry the parts. Blown stock diffs are getting old. Any help would be appreciated.


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    barndog Guest

    Default st servo

    hey bit does the st use the same steering servo as the mini inferno buggy.

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    ...BarnDog correct...The St and the buggy use the same stock servo except the stoc ST servo saver spring (say THAT 5 times fast with a mouth full of marshmallows) is slightly harder / stiffer...The new clear body / white rimmed ARTR comes with a HITEC (the 81 i THINK) servo and a one-piece NOVAK ESX / RX unit...

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    bermbuster Guest


    Hey Bit are you selling the artr version? and if you are how much denaro???por favor.

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    Dion Guest


    sorry im new to these ... whats the st? i have a buggy and a nitro buggy . i put a brushless in my buggy first battery blew out the front dif.
    what can i get as replacment.

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