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Thread: Mugshots

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    Natedog Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by H8er
    Holy shit, am I the only non-40-year-old-creepy-child-molesting guy on this forum? I'll get a pic in a sec.

    Yeah, not funny at all. Please remove it.

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    Mar 2006
    Shanghai, PRC


    AOL Screen Name: SteveR1960 buzz me if you want to chat RC

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    Jshwaa Guest

    Default nooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Nooooooooooo, not the hipsack over the T-shirt. LOL.

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    Jerry Guest


    New to the site and to off-road buggies. Sorry no pics of me (shy). Have only run 6 tanks thru the little bugger and it is loosening up. Local track is 85 miles away and have to plan a day to go to properly dirty it up.

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    ccs77 Guest


    I'm on the left in the fastest loser spot...
    Attached Images  

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    Isao_TKR Guest


    Hello guys
    I donīt have a pic of myself here now, so here's my RC; a Kyosho Spada 09

    Well, it's not an off-road but it has the same engine as the Mini Inferno, so I thought I could have some more infos about the engine and what I could improve here

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    Dion Guest


    me working at the family bike shop .......

    anyone need anything bike lmk.

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    Dion Guest


    i turned 40 on may 13 ....this is my first post.

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