View Full Version : x speed or speed 400?

07-13-2005, 02:43 PM
In the process of ordering some goodies for my newly aquired Mini inferno and would like to know people's thoughts on which motor to get, I will be running it on 8 cells (intellect 1200's)

So which will be faster?

Kyosho X speed

Graupner Speed 400 6v

Suggestions please....... :)


07-13-2005, 05:27 PM
The X speed is a rebadged graupner speed 400. So I would just go with whats cheaper. I personally would use the rocket 4.8 motor from www.hobby-lobby.com under the brushed motors section. It is faster, cheaper, and runs cooler than than the above motors. http://www.halfeight.com/forums/showthread.php?t=218&page=1&pp=10