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12-23-2006, 04:03 AM
Wow .....let me tell you mig's minilst dish rim and mini quake split pin tire combo is the MEAL TICKET.....I got the info on how to do the set-from migs,and wow am i glad i did that....After getting the rims trimmed and beveled i mounted up the spilt-pin mini quake tires...if looks were going to tell the tale im was really in for a treat....while i was practicing before the races last saturday i really got exited....after it was all said and done I won all 3 heat races(minimum of 4 laps ahead) and then proceeded to win the a-main by 3 laps.....I can tell you iv'e been running in this kyosho class for about 4 months...and have been into these 18th scale trucks for about 7 months...I have never seen any of the kyosho's handle like that....just wanted to let everyone know this is by far the best setup for rims and tires i have seen!!!!!
We run on hard packed red-clay with enough chicanes and jumps to where i be pretty postive on that....any ways thanks to migs for the info ....and i suggest anyone who races on these small or large 18th scale tracks to give it a shot......

here is the thread ,but you will have to scroll through to find it


P.S. credit to teambluegroove.....migs turned me on to the idea

12-23-2006, 06:39 PM
P.S. credit to teambluegroove.....migs turned me on to the idea

I can't take one ounce of credit for the wheel and tire combo. TeamBlueGroove was the one who passed along the info to me. It sounds like it's working out for zixxer quite well. I hope it works out well for others who decide they might want to try this combo.