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04-01-2005, 01:17 PM
FAQ about the H8


Q; What does HalfEight mean?
A; HalfEight is the name of this new buggy. It's also the name becouse the buggy is a scaledown version (half the size, 1/16th scale) of it's bigger brother the Inferno 1/8th scale buggy. So that's what it actually means.

Q; Does it comes as an kit or a rtr?
A; I comes as an rtr, if there's a kit version coming is up to Kyosho to diside.

Q; On what kind of battery's does it run?
A; 6 AA battery's, but there will be option battery packs availeble

Q; What's the run time?
A; As far is know, something like 30min. on 6 AA battery's. But with the optional battery packs times might be longer.

Q; Am I able to just my own radio gear?
A; According to what i've read, the H8 had enough space for your own gear.

Q; What hop-up's will be availeble?
A; PanicToy's has a list of hop-up's, and there is a list on the forums here.

Q; when will I be able to buy a H8?
A; You'll have to check that with your LHS (Local Hobby Shop).

Q; What type of motors will fit in the H8?
A; Not sure, but most 380 size motors should fit.

more to come...